Our top 3 Sunset Spots in Dorset 2018

Blog article - 28th December 2018 - by admin

“Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.”Kristen Butler

We became sunset chasers back in April of this year during a countryside walk at Pamphill, Dorset. Since then, spontaneous sunset trips have become a habit of ours and there is nothing more thrilling than driving to a new destination in time to watch the day ending as the sun bids farewell. We have been lucky to observe some of the most incredible sunsets this year in Dorset and we would like to share our 3 favourite with you, to encourage and maybe inspire you to chase some of your own sunsets in 2019.


#1 Corfe Castle: July 7th 2018

Our first, is our favourite sunset of the year by a mile. One that we will always remember watching, the sun set over the ruins of Corfe Castle was magical in so many ways. I think it was probably because Will had made a considerable effort to ensure everything was perfect (not that he had any control in the glorious weather, as much as he claimed he ordered it in just for us). It was one of our most spontaneous and romantic trips, just the two of us (with the addition of grazing cows, which if you didn’t know Will is terrified of and persistently questioned if they would come and eat our picnic). Along with the distant sound of folk music from a nearby festival, the warmth of summer, the mesmerising view and ambience of the whole spectacle was just absolutely perfect, hence the 10/10 rating.


#2 Swyre Head: October 20th 2018

Swyre Head was a close second and is one which was on our bucket list for the whole of the summer but with many other destinations to visit, we weren’t able to squeeze it in (real reason is Abbi thought it was a massive hill to climb and didn’t want to, but we both found out it is one of the easiest to get too). We were lucky to have a terrific week of sunshine in late October this year (I know…unheard of, and who says global warming isn’t real), so we took full advantage of this and headed to Swyre Head. A memorable one for us as it offers a picturesque walk along the coast and a mound that offers a perfect spot to sit and enjoy the spectacle. Again, just the two of us together (well with the accompaniment of some squawking pheasants, which when walking back in the near pitch black is genuinely terrifying as the fly out of the trees towards you….BEWARE!) but don’t let that put you off, it is rather entertaining.


#3 Hambledon Hill: August 25th 2018

Hambledon Hill was one of our most humorous sunset chasing experiences to date. From getting lost in the car, frustration at our Sat Nav, to aimlessly walking around trying to seek help from locals. It was certainly an unforgettable experience! After realising we were quite lost, we stumbled across a farm shop where we were greeted by the owner (a nice chap, looking just as puzzled as we did) who was able to give us directions to the hill. It was a beastly climb (don’t be a fool like Abbi and wear sensible footwear) and definitely take a bottle of water as we ended up relying on cartons of warm apple juice…grim! A fantastic view greets you at the top of the hill and believe me you will look forward to sitting and having a rest. Although just to add to the drama, we had to wait over an hour for the sun to set. Despite not being the easiest of destinations for us to locate, the laughs that we had that day make this spot very memorable for us and the sunset (by the time it finally happened) was wonderful.

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